Avocado Shake Is the Best during Pregnancy and Lactation

Avocado is safe to your diet especially during pregnancy and lactation. They contain key nutrients in order to maintain healthy pregnancy, including potassium and folate. Those nutrients are crucial for development and fetal growth, and it is very ideal for maternal diets.

From the facts above, Hildir Resal Salas, Business Development of Usumin Group stated that, Usumin product’s is great during the pregnancy and lactation as our avocado shake is contain fresh ingredients without any chemical preserving and chemical sweetening agents.

Usumin aslo provides mom preganancy menu and mom and kid menu to satisfy the mommy with happy tummy. It surely will have great taste and perfect experiences for the mommy in Indonesia. In 1 and a half year, Usumin already satisfies happy mommy and kid with more than 2 million cups sold.

In conclusion, Usumin Avocado Shake will continuously innovate and match with market trend and fulfill the demands of happy mommy and kid.

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