Usumin always have commitments to make sure the freshness of its supply ingredients by Usumin Tani (orchard)

Usumin Tani is Usumin Group’s subsidiary established in early 2021. It will provide the fresh fruit ingredient and good quality fruit from the orchard.

Spanish explorers and merchants introduced the avocado to Indonesia in 1750 and spread throughout the Indonesian archipelago, up until the late 1900s. Throughout time, avocado now produced by the locals. Indonesia now has 20 variety of avocado. Avocado also has different name according to the part of Indonesia. For instance, in west java, avocado is alpuket. In middle and east java, is alpokat. The taste of this fruit is sweet sour. The texture is similar to beans.

In early 2020, Usumin Tani was focus in West Java and team up with PTPN VIII on order to accomplish market needs and Usumin Group’s needs, add Ilyasa Primera as the CEO and Founder.
Usumin Group uses high quality fruit in order to create high quality output products. The quality of the product will be remembered by the customers that we (Usumin Group) called Usumin Fams.

Usumin Tani’s commitment on producing high quality avocado was generated by well-thought idea. Not only focus on product but also utilizing the locals especially the farmers in West Java. It profits the farmer economically, moreover, sustainability of the land.

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