Usumin Group Made Avocado Shake as New Beverages that Recognized In Indonesian Market

High quality beverage, Avocado Shake, is one of the best beverages product innovations in Indonesia. With more than 25 of avocado drink based, it will be able to meet customers’ needs in Indonesia and hopefully in south-east Asia market.

Around 2018 In Sumatera, avocado shake is very easy to find up until now. The CEO of Usumin Group made an innovation and mixes that with modern and unique taste in 2019. The customers are able to see how skilled bartender makes the drinks, says Alifia Queen, Sales Manager Usumin Group

Ilyasa Remsa Primera, CEO Usumin Group explained that we (Usumin Group) professionally attempt to penetrate the Indonesia’s Market hopefully international market. We work with another vendors and suppliers supposedly because Avocado is not commodity in Indonesia. In early 2020, we also teamed with PTPN VIII in West Java to develop avocado plantation and grow the best avocado in West Java.

Ilyasa Remsa Primera, CEO and Founder Usumin Group – Bapak Dikdik Koesnandi, Director HR and General Affair PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII

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