Established in 2019

Usumin Alpukat Kocok is both the local beverage and pioneer brand of an avocado shake, which focuses on presenting the various varieties of avocado as its main ingredient.

We created a perfect variety recipes prepared from the finest and fresh avocado, yet it offered an affordable price for all. We give the best brand experience and to get customer satisfaction.


“To build confident and professional a moderately packages Avocado Shake”

“Combining the concept of avocado as a healthy fruit with a modern blend in order to reach out to all”

we are pioneer brand of shake avocado in indonesia

Usumin Indonesia is the fastest growing grab and go store. It all started with our great desire to make Indonesian families healthy with our products that have a unique taste and we are proud to be a consistant local brand that serves fresh healthy product from Indonesia to The World.

Our Teams

National Experienced

Product Sold

More 5 Million cups for Usuminfams in The Year


Selected material only


More than 200


Our Team Officer

Ilyasa Remsa Primera

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mochamad meizal

Co Founder

Hidlir Resal Salas

Chief Bussines Development



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