Indonesia's No.1 authentic Avocado Shake


“We’re stand for Usumin Indonesia and we’re just enthusiastic about what we do”

Ilyasa Remsa Primera
CEO and Founder

Family is the key for the younger generation to be able to develop and be happy, the family is also responsible for making their children a great generation in the future. Therefore, consuming delicious and healthy food is one of the important elements in the family.

We present the Usumin Avocado Shake.

Usumin Indonesia, The Pioneer Avocado Shake with the creation and subsidiary of Usumin Indonesia which focuses on developing the culinary business sector in Indonesia.

“Avocado is very good for hormone and beauty, because it contain unsaturated fat. For those of you who like avocado, this drink is delicious, Avocado Shake from Usumin”

dr. Sonia Wibisono, Health Practioner

“Nascvocado, the taste is great; avocado with spices fried rice is really delicious!!”

Adjie Notonegoro, Fashion Designer

“Try this! Very good and creamy, this is the king of Avocado Shake in Indonesia!!”

Jenda Munthe, Celebgram 


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